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Getting Firm – Lessons from my Workout Video Collection

Getting SpiteHot is going to require some movement – movement of not only attitudes and perceptions, but downright physical movement. The big headlines over the past few days have been about the newest study that has found, yet again, that those of us with sit down desk jobs are not doing so well. I sit at a desk 8 hours a day. Check out these numbers from that I found at

Basically, the verdict is that movement is necessary to be healthy and sitting can be downright deadly. It is time to MOVE! Being on a budget I decided to take inventory of my current supply of workout videos and DVD’s. A little less extensive than my book collection, I have a couple of video sets and about 5 random workout DVD’s. This doesn’t surprise me because it’s easier to read a book than jump up and down.

Thinking SpiteHot

SpiteHot means to get healthy and use my past experiences to catapult me forward, so I took a trip down memory lane and remembered what worked best for me. The winner is…

The FIRM workout.

Not just any FIRM workout either: The FIRM Total Cardio Sculpt VHS cassette. I bought this set, which included the Firm Fanny Lifter and a set of weights, back in 2003. I clearly remember coming to the painful, literally painful, realization that I had muscles that I never new I had but I stuck with it. I also remember that after about 6 months of getting firm with The FIRM people began to notice. I even had one acquaintance ask me what gym I belonged to. That is a great memory. So, I am going to get moving with a combination of weights and cardio so seamlessly intertwined in The FIRM workout.

This time, I am going to use positive feedback and the successes of the past to launch myself forward. Awesome!

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