This site is for the rest of us! The majority. The men and women who haven’t been eating right our whole lives. The men and women who aren’t part of the in crowd at school or at work. Those of us who have never done a 5k and have no plans to start training for one.

This site is for the people of the world who just want to be happy, healthy and a little bit wiser about how to get there.

No deadlines. No competition. No cliques. No politics. No judgement.

This site will operate under the wise words of former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Welcome Home!


  1. I love the clear concept for this blog: realistic healthy eating and living coz it feels good? Count me in. I confess I have done a few 5ks a few years ago … but didn’t train and not rushing too again 😁

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