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Green Smoothie Girl Detox – Day 1 & 2

In response to the daily prompt: Control

I was looking up ear candling the other week and came across a youtube video done by the Green Smoothie Girl. She had a very complete and easy to understand video about how to do ear candling. So I watched the video and have yet to buy the ear candles, but I did subscribe to her channel and went to visit her website. After all the diet books and websites that I’ve read and diets that I have tried the green smoothie girl website was such a refreshing change. It is simply about being healthy. Wow!

So I bought an inexpensive high-speed blender and started adding some green smoothies to my diet. Can’t go wrong there. Then I found out about the detox. The one thing that I respect about the Green Smoothie Girl is the one thing that has drawn me to the detox – research. She has done her research and explains the whys and wherefores of the health benefits of the detox most completely and in a clear manner.

Basically, the detox is about healing the various systems of the body including:

  • Colon
  • Kidneys
  • Liver
  • Skin

If you want to learn more you’ll have to go visit the website to learn about the science of and how to do the detox.

The detox is 26 days, but I’ve only committed myself to the first four. I may continue on, but if I don’t I won’t have any guilty feelings to deal with 🙂

Days 1 & 2

During the first four days you eat basically the same thing for each meal and snack. All veggies, including white potatoes – yay! These days are all about dealing with cravings and I am working through a lot of cravings – all about being in control. About a week before I read about the detox I realized that I had gotten myself super addicted to sugar again.

Day 1 was a pretty easy but day 2 has proven to be more difficult, craving wise. I am not hungry at all, but I am craving sweets pretty heavy. One lifesaver that is allowed and has worked fabulously is being able to have a protein shake – just water and veggie protein powder. It was like having a vanilla shake and has taken care of the cravings for now.

Now I just have to fight off the urge to eat the chocolate chip cookies my daughter made, or the golden and delicious, salt-drenched french fries my son made a few minutes ago.

In the end it all boils down to control and the only truth, I believe, about control is that we can only control ourselves. So, it’s all on me to get this detox done (no matter what my family cooks up in the kitchen).

I will check back in at the end of day 4 and let you know if I’m going to continue on…

Live well, have peace ~ Spitehot

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