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Take me to the Moon

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take Me to the Moon.” The moon affects all of the fluids on planet earth.  The ebb and flow of the oceans, female menstrual cycles and even the psyche of humans is inexplicably tied to that silver rock that hangs so unassumingly in the night sky. The moon represents different things for different people: For many the moon represents a feminine and peaceful entity. For law enforcement the full moon can mean more car accidents and drunk drivers. For doctors the full moon brings with it more births and more patients. For farmers the full moon is tied to hard winter frosts. For dreamers the full moon represents freedom from the constraints of the material world. I am a dreamer. When I need a break from the material world, a break from the egos of the workplace, a break from the needs of everyone else, a break from the sound of the traffic passing on the street, I envision myself on the moon – far above the earth. …

What is Meditation?

So many people talk about meditation and how important it is in helping people maintain a happy and healthy existence. Even the US Marine Corps, which is home to the toughest warriors in the world, began a pilot meditation program in 2013. Medical studies have also shown that meditation is an incredibly effective method to increase learning ability and relieve stress. Stress, as many of us know, leads to many ailments. These include sleeplessness, depression, chest pain, and a rise in blood pressure on the physical side; forgetfulness, inability to focus and changes in appetite on the emotional side. The potential for alleviating stress is exactly why we need to answer the question of what is meditation…

A Beautiful Day Off

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sparkling or Still.” The sun is shining, but there are light and wispy clouds dancing across the sky. I look up and watch them spin and flow. There is an angel, a spiral, a flower. The fire is crackling; the bees are busy taking in the last of the pollen before the frost hits. It won’t be long now. The beauty of the fall flowering mums and drying of the raspberry fruits swirl together in one bittersweet scene awaking the senses and acknowledging the end of one season and the beginning of the next. A leaf falls. The smoke from the fire curls tall, spiraling toward the sky, then is whipped away by the newly arrived north winds of autumn. The ashes land softly on the keyboard and words flow freely, inspired by the freedom of a beautiful day off.