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Heal Thyself Reiki Master…and bring some tissue.

My journey with Reiki training began, as with most Reiki curriculums, with a lengthly section on self-healing. I found this intriguing and from the beginning could see the benefits and personal necessity. One of my other classmates did not. He was disappointed in the time required to master self-healing, did not complete the assignments an37188118_l.jpgd chose not to continue on. And while it was sad to lose the gift of another Reiki practitioner in the world, a healer who does not believe in self-care will, in my opinion, find it difficult to maintain the personal energy levels to fully help their clients.
So what is Reiki self-healing? It is just as it sounds, working with the healing energy of Reiki to heal thyself – not to mention a great learning tool for new practitioners. The importance of self-care cannot be under emphasized. Energy healing sessions can take a toll on the practitioner’s own physical well-being, or more precisely, their energy levels. Clearing and healing emotional and physical wounds of the practitioner will pave the way for a thriving Reiki practice and successful client sessions.
My own experiences have been quite profound. Part of my initial training was to perform a total of 10 self-healing Reiki sessions. And just in case your are wondering, I did not meet God, nor did I remember some dark secret from my past. I simply cleared my Chakras and energy fields of unnecessary emotional left-overs. What I found was that by the end of each session I was in tears. Not sad tears, not happy tears; I was not weeping uncontrollably. I was experiencing what I have come to believe was true emotional cleansing. True healing. And that true healing is what, I believe, allows a Reiki Master to channel the energies of the life-force most effectively for their clients.
After I received my certifications and became a Reiki energy practitioner I came into a period where I did not perform the self-healing sessions for several weeks. I found many excuses not to do it: too busy, too tired, etc. What I didn’t see coming though was the drain on my own energy field during my client sessions. My aha moment came after a mini session – a short 15 minute session. Within one hour of completing the session I felt completely drained. By the time I made it home it was all I could do to muster the strength to put on my pajamas and head to bed.
I was not sick; no flu-like symptoms were setting in. I was just drained of energy. As I lay in my bed, weak and tired, I began to think of what could have caused this. It didn’t take me long to recall my physical state after the client sessions I completed during the previous weeks. I could see a steady decline in my physical strength after each client session – AHA!
So, IPhone in hand (music) and candles burning, back to a steady schedule of self-healing sessions I returned; back to feeling energized after giving a Reiki treatment; back to providing my clients with the best I can be.
If you are a healer, remember to heal yourself first…and bring some tissue.
Have peace…
Natural Spirit


    • Of course! I would first try to find a great teacher. There are a lot of people who do on-line classes and do the attunements (this where the healing energies are shared from the Reiki Master to the Student) long distance which due to very nature of the energy works just fine. One of the best books on healing energies, in my opinion is, The Hands of Light, by Barbara Brennan. It reads a lot like a textbook but worth it. There are several organizations that list various teachers and practitioners, you might want to try the International Association of Reiki Practitioners, http://www.iarp.org.

      Please keep me informed of your progress 🙂

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